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South African Blogger....The Sun House

Hello Journeyers! :)
Yes I am back from holiday and what an amazing one it was! We had so much fun. I am trying to edit the 1000 photos that I took so please bare with me. :)
Can you guys believe it is already time for my monthly interview. Today I have the lovely Megan from The Sun House. If you love reading about all things happy, pretty and fun (oh yes don't forget wedding hehe) then this is the go to blog for you! Trust me! She's funny and so spontaneous and I've had the pleasure of meeting her! And you instantly love her. Her friendliness has a way of rubbing off on a person! I love her blog and I am sure you will do too! Have fun reading about her:

Megan playing with Lion Cubs at the The Lion Park
JS: Give us a heads up of what to expect when typing "The Sun House" into our Google search bar?
MW: Well, if you type The Sun House into Google, you will find the most amazing, happy place that everyone should visit at least once in their lives - because it is actually a colonial-style hotel in Sri Lanka. But if you type The Sun House blog in, you will find pretty much the same as the above description - sans the accommodation. 
You will also find anything from decor inspiration, wedding things, as I am getting married in less than three months, travel stories and just funny everyday life things. I also have a monthly feature of different artists in South Africa.

JS: Oops, my mistake. :) You have been blogging since 2011, what made you decide to start a blog?
MW: I have been writing since I was a little girl, not really journaling, but writing stories and books and translating The Lion King to Afrikaans when I was 10 years old. Writing has always been a hobby, which became a passion, something I live for and which provided me with a living. Being a technical journalist though does not give me that creative outlet that makes writing fun, and thus I started blogging. 
I love that blogging exposes me to so many new words, for example, when looking up a synonym for fun just now, I came across hail-fellow-well-met. Isn't writing and learning just so amazing?  

JS: It truly is! If you could be any Superhero, who would it be and why?
MW: Hectic! That is such a big responsibility, but I would probably be The Amazing Dog Rescuer. If I had a farm, I would rescue every single dog on earth. They would probably lock me up for being The Crazy Dog Lady or something. Luckily, I don't have a farm, but I do have a rescue page for Staffies on Facebook.

JS: Ahhh I love it! Share 3 things about yourself that nobody else knows?
MW: Eeep, I don't have any special talents. I can do proper greetings in at least 15 languages; I will eat anything edible once - and three large packets of chips in one sitting; I collect fridge magnets from all the places I've visited.

JS: Well done on the greetings in 15 languages! What would your dream job be and why?
MW: Writing for Garden & Home. Because. 

JS: Haha love it! Because! Your big day is around the corner, what 1 tip can you give to soon to be brides?
MW: If your mother wants to intervene, LET HER! It saves you a lot of stress and time. 

JS: Well said! What has been your biggest achievement so far?
MW: Mmmm, I bought my first property, the house I am currently living in, at the age of 24. With Flip, of course. Before that, it was the fact that I bought a couch and a rug. So probably the fact that I got a job, and thus the fact that I passed varsity, or high school for that matter. Chain reaction,I tell you.

JS: Congratulations on all! What is the best advice your parents ever gave you?
MW: Be yourself. 

JS: Best advice I would say! What is your favorite holiday memory to date?
MW: Definitely not the one where I was stuck on an airport for 14 hours. But that was for business, so it doesn't count either way.
Probably when Flip and I went to Thailand after dating for four months. Thailand is just spectacular. And Mozambique. 
What am I saying? Any holiday I have spent with Flip.

JS: Ahhh that's sweet! Please share 5 of your best moments in photographs with us.
MW: I really love animals, so animal interaction is a huge thing to me. I have sooo many pics I could share, from a young age, where I played with my aunt's pet warthog, played with cheetah, pulled on a crocodile's tail - growing up in Africa! But I only have these pics digitally available, so I'll share these. Its more than five, but I couldn't choose.

Megan with her friend Melissa who passed away last year from cancer. :(
Riding an elephant in Thailand!
The night she got Mila. Who you can read about on her blog.
Megan with Liefie, her first dog that she got when she was 12. Liefie still lives with her parents.
I'm JEALOUS of this picture. Megan playing with Leopard Cubs at Lory Park Zoo.
Megan and her fiance Flip! {heart}
I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know Megan a bit better as much as I did! I cannot wait for my August interview! Getting to know people so much better is so much fun! And I just used so much twice in the last sentence. Weird!
Have a great Monday!


  1. Johlet, jy sal laat ek mos amper omval van bloos! Baie dankie vir jou baie mooi woorde oor my, ek het regtig die interview verskriklik baie geniet!

    1. Ek praat net die waarheid! hehe
      Dankie dat jy dit gedoen het!


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