Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Another week has passed and I am sitting with a horrible flu! {sob sniff sniff}
Wish I can just lie in bed now and not sit at work. But one has to work! :(
Let's see what I have in store for you for today!
Tomorrow we have a Public Holiday in South Africa and I cannot wait for it! Relaxation to the max!
My father and his other half is also here but will leave those details for another post.

Have fun!

1. Dinner with Cedric's father after my Pop up Shop.
2. A little friend we had living in our house for like a week!
3. My favorite!!! (chocaholic to the max - yes please)
4. Our car matches the color of the berries in the bush. 
5. Some sushi for lunch at Rhapsody's Bryanston.
6. My Georgie.B Leather Collar Shirt.
7. My new Jersey from Truworths.
8. My pretty nails. {heart} purple.
9. Who is a dirty boy? My boo is!
10. It was this pretty blonde's birthday! {love her}

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!
I cannot wait for tomorrows day off!


Thank you so much for sharing your love!
My smile is growing with each comment!