Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I just love Instagram TOOOO much to not be doing this post every week!
Since I have been MIA in the whole blogging scene I have to warn you that this one will be a biggy!!!
A catch up of almost 3 months Insta Pics!!!

Let's do this!!!

1. Family Reunion in Mossel Bay 
2. Weekend away with Boo Boo
3. The place we stayed at (Biki-Bini-Bos)
4. Quality time with Cedric's brother
5. The amazing thunder on our bush weekend away
6. The elephants we saw (one of my favorite animals)
7. My Valentines day outfit
8. Valentines dinner at home
9. Sunsets (love)
10. Rocking a sock bun

1. Fun moments
2. Family time
3. Family time
4. Quality time with a friend
5. Waiting for friends for our dinner night
6. Friends have arrived
7. Outfits
8. Easter egg hunt
9. Wedding time in Harties
10. Our new set of wheels (bushtrips are in order)

1. Trip to the Pilanesberg and saw lions
2. My sisters birthday
3. My first ever Pop up Shop
4. Enjoying some vino

So I apologise again for bombarding you with photo's but had to bring you up to date with my life! :)

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Have a great Tuesday!


  1. It seems You have a nice time :) Greetings from Poland.

    1. Thank you!
      Want to go to Poland still!

  2. Such a beautiful couple...seems your life is filled with light and love! Great pix!

    Also, in honor of my blog’s 3 year anniversary, I’m giving away your choice of a FREE PAIR of shoes!!! Would love it if you stopped by to enter! Hope to see you soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog


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