Monday, 22 April 2013

{Beauty} Love for a certain Kandykane...

Happy Monday!!! NOT! My Monday is busted up black and blue!
But always concentrate on the good they say! Every cloud has a silver lining!

Today I bring to you a very close friend of mine who started her own Business "Kandykane Makeup".
Her passion for Make up has been growing for the past 8 years and if you look at her Portfolio you can see why she loves it sooo much, she is really VERY talented and good and to top it off she's pretty too!

And if you don't believe me see for yourself:

You see? I told you she is one talented young lady! Now do yourself a favor and follow her on twitter @kandykanetweet or her blog or Instagram @kandykaneinsta And I promise she won't disappoint!

I hope your weekends were bashing and cannot wait to hear what you were up to so please comment and share the fun!


  1. Aaaw thanks my friend!!! This is just tooo sweet!!! Words cant express my gratutude :) xx

  2. Stunning make up and just love the photos!
    My weekend was good - braved the rain and went to the movies. Dinner with my brother who was in town for an interview and then date night Saturday. Sunday was gym, family lunch and DIY.

    1. Thank you Claudz, I am sure she will see this message! :)
      WOW sounds like a very productive weekend!


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