Sunday, 13 May 2012

Weekly wrap-up!

So we survived a full week after all these public holidays!
I must admit I suffered a bit! But was good! I finally decided to speak up about something that was bothering me and it had great results! Now just to wait for it to become reality!

Wednesday Night we joined Lelande and Alan for dinner at Adega!
We had so much fun and completely lost track of time!
Both couples actually decided to have the platter for 2 with the Baby Lobster. YUMMY!!!

And then the most important part of dinner, desert!!!!

Lelande and Alan -

Cedric and I -

And then the time arrived that we both hated most, good byes! :(
Cedric off to Durban till Tuesday (15 May 2012)
Look how amazing the sun and the clouds looked that morning on our way to the airport!

Packed and ready to go!

And I decided to babysit my nephew Landan this weekend! WOW what hard work it is to look after a baby! I look up to my sister! Although it was fun I am quite relieved to get a proper good nights rest tonight! hehe - but isn't he just the cutest????

That's our week, and in 44 Hours Cedric will be back! I cannot wait!


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