Wednesday, 2 May 2012

{Travel} Idube Game Reserve - Sabi Sands

Hope everyone had a relaxed long weekend, mine was extra long as we took Monday off as well.
Cedric's parents invited us for a Safari weekend away and it worked out perfectly as it was long weekend and I took leave for the Monday LONG ago! :) I think my sixth sense told me to do that! he-he

What a lovely weekend it was!!!!
This was my first PROPER Safari where the lions was not separate from the rest of the animals.
And my worst fear ever, the Lodge was not fenced in so animals can come and go as they please! Yes even Lions!!!! Eeeek! But we survived the weekend and enjoyed it terribly!

His parents is the sweetest people on earth and we enjoyed every minute!
Friday (27th) was a Public Holiday, but seeing as Cedric and his father only landed on Friday, we decided instead of being rushed we will have a relaxed braai at our place, so we left the Saturday morning.

Early morning wake up and we took the plane to Nelspruit (Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport), it's less than an hours flight from Johannesburg, then another 2 hours drive to Sabi Sands.

But the scenery is so beautiful you hardly feel the 2 hours drive.

We arrived at the lodge to a yummy lunch! We have never in our life eaten so much that the past weekend! I really need to start exercising now! Yes it is that bad! But sooo good! Luckily the weather was also great, extremely warm during the day and cold at night. 

We went on 2 Game Drives every day, 3 hours each. And lucky for us we spotted the Big 5 within the first 24 hours of arriving! Lucky us! And I was very excited as I've never seen a leopard in the wild. And what beautiful animals they are! 

The Game drives was every morning at 6am - 9am! Wake up call was at 05:30. Then we would come back to a lovely breakfast. Then you could relax around the Lodge until lunch is served at 2pm. 

Then you can go for a quick nap in the room before the afternoon Game Drive at 4pm - 7pm. And after the game drive dinner is served at 8pm in the Boma Area next to the bar. 

We were there for a total of 3 nights and went on 6 Game Drives = 18 Hours of Game Viewing! I don't think there is something that we did not see! ha-ha

I've seen so many things! I fell in love with the bush after this weekend! (thank you baby, your fault, he-he) And I will move there in a heartbeat!

And once again the staff outdid themselves! Our Game Ranger (Andries - left) and the Tracker (Titus - right) kept us entertained the whole time and had us fooled a few times! We are such gullible people!  

I am sorry for combining all the pictures, but if I had to insert them separately this blog will be longer than the wall of China! I loved these 2 Leopards, a young female (on the road) and a older male (in the grass)! 

And the nice thing about this Lodge, the animals are so relaxed with the Game Drive Vehicles because they ensure that the animals still have their space and there will never be more than 2 Vehicles at a time with sightings. This ensures that the animal still have space to move and almost forms a sort of trust between them. You will see how close the elephants came to us (below picture)!

We had sun downers at the most breathtaking spots! 

Memories that will last us forever! And I think the first time ever where we went away for a weekend and I saw more of the Big 5 than any other animal! Yes!!! Believe me, after the 500th Impala you just want to scream! But here we saw mostly Big 5!!!! 

If I have to tell you about all the amazing things we experienced this weekend I will keep you busy with a whole day of reading! And I do apologize for the already long blog! I just had to share as much as possible!
I would highly recommend this place to animal and bush lovers! Warm Friendly staff that know how to keep their guests happy and entertained!!!! Thanks Idube and team!!! Till next time....

"Life's blows cannot break a person whose spirit is warmed at the fire of enthusiasm" - Norman Vincent Peale


  1. Vriendin dit is stunning en ek is nou sommer ook lus om bos toe te gaan! Baie bly julle het so n lekker tyd gehad!

    Gorgeous foto's!


    1. Dankie vriendin!
      Een van die dae is daar n blog oor ons Parys trip!!!


  2. Looks like it was an interesting adventure! ;)

    Check out my blog:

    1. Yes we had loads of fun!

      Love your blog!


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