Sunday, 6 May 2012

{Food} Cafe Villa @ Camelot Spa (The Birdcage)

This 2 day weekend really flew by after all these long weekends!
And this coming week we are going to struggle a bit I think, especially after our 3 day week last week!
Wouldn't it be perfect if we only had 4 day weeks and 3 day weekends? Something to consider! He-he

Back to our weekend shenanigans...
The weekend was very relaxed actually, nothing out of the ordinary happened!
But the main reason for this blog is actually about what we did today!
I found this lovely place on one blog I'm following, ( please follow her, her blog is amazing!) this one cute little place called "The Birdcage", and seeing as Cedric and myself are always looking for nice outdoor places to have lunch at I thought this place would be perfect.

So this morning we jumped in the car and the journey began!
And lucky for us we had a perfectly sunny, not one cloud in the sky day!

We entered the address in the GPS and off we went, but could not find any sign helping us find "The Birdcage", and all we could find in the place was a Spa called "Camelot Spa".
We decided to try it anyway as we were starving, and what a beautiful place!

They told us that the name has changed to "Cafe Villa" in December 2011.
Only sad thing was that we were the only customers, :( and we like lively places with a nice atmosphere.
Don't get me wrong, this place is stunning and the food really good, very relaxing!
I would love to go try out the Spa some day!

We had a sandwich each and ordered a Pasta to share (we wanted to try some of the other food too).

After our yummy lunch we strolled through the pretty courtyard of the Spa. With interesting features everywhere.

So the end to our weekend was nice with yummy food! Now we have a full week ahead of us and Cedric is already leaving again Friday! Feels like he just got back! :(

Please if anyone has any other yummy place suggestions feel free to let us know!
Have a lovely week!



  1. Oh so glad you found it! It was so sweet. Looks even nicer now that you can sit outside. I'm actually very eager to try that spa!

    Try Succulent Cafe sometime too. That's my favourite place. I featured it in an early post of mine.

    So sweet of you to mention me! Have a wonderful week xxx

    1. Thanks to you for your wonderful blog!
      Love reading your blog!

      Please keep up blogging about the places you go to!


  2. This spa looks great! What were the best services they offered? Very beautiful!

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      I haven't been to the spa yet only the little coffee shop.
      Still want to try the spa.
      Here is their website if you would like to go have a look, it was the one in Saxonwold, Johannesburg.



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