Thursday, 15 August 2013

Mokaikai - Mabula Game Reserve

Hello Journeyers! It's Thursday and we are halfway through August already! And in exactly 52 days it's my BIRTHDAY!!! Yes I may be a bit too excited about it but you guys will be too if you know what I will be doing for my birthday!!! You will probably find out sooner than later because I cannot keep a surprise to myself. Darn it!!! But I'm going to try my best!
Back to what we got up to over our Women's Day Long weekend...2 of our friends and us decided that a weekend bush getaway would be the perfect way to spend our weekend. We stayed at Mokaikai which is in Mabula Game Reserve (we have stayed here before too) and we found them in February when Cedric's brother was in South Africa. We fell in love with the place! We will definitely be making it a regular weekend hot spot for us over the next few years.

The Boma and Lapa area
The inside area. There are 3 rooms that are separate from the main house.
This picture I took with my Samsung Galaxy S3 when we were there in February.
We hit the road just past 3 on Thursday (thank you to my boss for letting us leave at 3), and arrived just past 6. The lovely Rebeccah who looks after you throughout the whole stay (she washes up after you and keeps your room nice and clean) helped us unpack all our groceries and settle in. We started a nice bonfire and kicked off the fire for our boerie rolls. Yummy!
Unfortunately the weather wasn't that great. Windy and a bit of rain the Thursday and Friday morning. But that did not stop us from relaxing! The Friday we started a bonfire around lunch time and that's where we were till 11pm that night. Next to the fire, enjoying each others company and a few drinks. Who doesn't enjoy some good company and some good bush TV?

Chris and Sally.

Lunch is served!

The Saturday we organised a Game Drive for us and as all of you SHOULD know by know, my only request was to see Leopards and Elephants. *happy place* We saw the Elephants within 5km's from the house. How lucky are we! They are the most exquisite animals. So graceful and beautiful. I could really just sit and watch them ALL day! But not in a Zoo, that to me is just cruel! The one younger Elephant entertained us by lifting a big branch and moving it out of his way. Like I said. These animals are amazing!

Cedric made me a love rock.

Beautiful colors of the leaves.

We saw 3 out of the Big 5. No Leopards. But they are sneaky animals and I know if you spot them you are very fortunate!
After our wonderful Game Drive we started with the fire, once again and dinner. That night it got chilly quickly and the wind picked up again so we moved the party relaxation inside and played some Vancouveropoly. Yes you read right! And Cedric wiped the floor with all of us! I was in more debt in the game than in real life. Beginners luck! Has to be! hehe

Just in case you thought that I was lying.
And as you can read from this post it was obvious that we were very morbid and unhappy people when the time came Sunday to pack up and leave. We hit horrible traffic and just knew that we were back in the hustle and bustle of the city life. Boo hoo! :(

And on that note I say... "Cheers to the almost freaking weekend! I'll drink to that" 

Tonight we have to pack because tomorrow we will be on a flight to Mossel Bay to spend some quality time with me dad and his lovey. And I will also see my bestie, Aimee and her husband, Sev! Cannot wait!
Till next week!
Disclaimer: All expenses were paid for by us for our trip to Mokaikai. As always all comments and opinions are my own. All of the content and images posted are my own unless otherwise specified / linked to the original source. Please feel free to share photographs and material from this site but please link back to the original image or post. 


  1. Wow, jou fotos is stunning! Veral die een wat jy met jou foon geneem het! Daai lunch lyk lekker, sal defnitief so lunch geniet ;)

    1. Baie dankie! :) Ek probeer nog die kamera uitfigure. Maar kom daar. Slowly but surely.
      Ek is juis nogals honger nou en sal ook so lunch kan geniet. hehe
      Dankie vir al jou mooi comments altyd! Jy rock!

  2. Awesome photo's!!! Looks like you all had a fantastic time :) Thanks for sharing!!! Mwah xxxx

  3. I have always heard of MAbula but have never thought of going. Your photos are lovely and this looks like so much fun!! Winter 2014 for sure!!
    Enjoy Mossel Bay

    1. Sjoe I almost had a mini heart attack now. I thought I deleted your comment by accident!
      Mabula is really great! You guys will enjoy it alot!
      Thank you! Cannot wait to see my dad!

  4. Looks stunning! I've heard so much about Mabula recently, but we've never been. This week we're off to Pilanesberg though, I can't wait :) Enjoy the coast!


    1. It's beautiful! You will enjoy it and it's not that far!
      Oooh wow where are you going in Pilanesberg?
      Have fun! We will! :)

  5. I love your blog! Such a small world - I first came to your blog after Bailey did that feature on you, and then you commented on the post on Lipglosskisses where I won the Bio-Oil hamper!

    Amazing piccies, wow, what an experience.
    Enjoy Mossel Bay!

    1. Thank you Jess! You are making me blush now!
      Yes I love how "small" the world actually is! :)
      Mossel Bay was great!


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