Monday, 19 March 2012

{Travel} Kwafubesi, Mabula Private Game Reserve - Limpopo

Finally!!! First official Travel Blog! *big smile*
We went to Kwafubesi, Tented Safari Camp this weekend and what an experience!
You stay in a Tent with NO electricity! And after this weekend I realize how privileged we are to have electricity every day! I was completely disorientated this weekend and felt lost!
The first night I struggled, I am extremely afraid of wild animals and there we are in a camp where a Hippo or Rhino or even Cheetah can come visit us any second! And best of all at night you cannot see anything! We had paraffin lamps and that was it.
Cedric on the other hand was crazy about that! He is a complete bush fan! Me too, I just believe don't go where you are not welcome, at the end of the day we are still in the animals territory. Don't push your luck!
But at the end of the day I must admit that I really enjoyed it! And I would go back there any day!
We had a Game Ranger that was in our camp 24/7 and 3 Crew Members that made sure we are comfortable and cooked for us Morning, Afternoon and Evening.

Welcome in Limpopo...

The Stunning scenery while driving there....
This is the Main Lodge and the entertainment you have while having dinner. We had to eat at the Main Lodge our First night as we arrived very late (sat in traffic after work. *sad face*).

This is where we stayed.....
And our Room/Tent that we stayed in and the name of it.....

We went on 2 Game Drives the Saturday (17 March 2012 - Happy St. Patricks Day), and we can proudly say that we saw 3 Animals from the Big 5, we saw the Rhino, Buffalo and Elephant.
Us relaxing before the Game Drive. 
Look how CUTE!!! A baby Rhino, 4 days old! I want one!!!!
Elephants, I know the quality is very bad, but the sun was almost completely gone and no Flashes was allowed. But they were very close to us. What a experience.
The amazing scenery! We have a Picture Perfect Country!
Sunset...this Picture was taken by Cedric! He takes amazing pictures.

When you look at us like this, you realise that we really only cover a SMALL part of the world.

Lion Paw Print, we couldn't find the lions.
Elephant footprint....massive!!!
And last but not least, the incredible crew that looked after us! Steven the Game Ranger....
Witness, Caroline and Margaret. Thanks guys!!!
Thank you very much to Cedric for making this trip super special! And we celebrated our 20Month Anniversary on Saturday! What a way to celebrate! Nature is a wonderful thing! Until next time....

"Bad habits are like chains that are too light to feel until they are too heavy to carry" - Warren Buffet

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