Monday, 19 August 2013

{Link Up} Six Things...

Hello my lovely Journeyers! 
I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend (I know that the lady who I'm linking up with today had a great weekend, didn't you?)! Today I am linking up with Jenna over at A Home Away from Home! She did a fun "Six Things" post and tagged myself to link up with her. All I had to do was choose 6 of the questions that she added to her post and answer them. This way you also get to know me a bit better. :) 

Name the top three places on your travel bucket list.  Why do they make the list?

Botswana: We bought a Defender to go and explore Africa, and well Botswana is nr.1 on our list to go and explore! I cannot wait to see the wildlife and African Sunsets! 

(Images thanks to Google)
Maldives: I want to relax on the beach with a cocktail and go swim in those crystal clear blue waters! Heaven on earth I would say! :)

(Images thanks to Google)
New York: I want to go and experience the hustle and bustle of that busy city and the amazing shops! (think I have to start saving) 

(Images thanks to Google)
If you had to choose to be blind or deaf, which one would it be and why?

This was a difficult one because I am fortunate enough to be able to see and hear perfectly. So how do you choose? And after thinking about this for a while I decided that I would rather be deaf. I can live without hearing, but not seeing the beauty of the people that I love and the wonders of the bush or life itself. I would not be able to live without that.

What does your idea of a perfect weekend look like?

The bush of course! Sitting next to a fire, watching the sunset and listening to all the sounds of the wild. Amazing! 

Pick one: Cruise through Antarctica or Cruise through the Caribbean?

Caribbean hands down! I'm horrible when it comes to the cold! And Antarctica just sounds too cold. But I still want to go and experience a ski trip! (you can see that I'm a Libra)

Which blogs are you loving right now?

My favourite ones at the moment are:

A Home Away From Home
Arum Lilea
Clarita Smit
Changingshoes Blog
Indie Berries
Kandy Kane Love
Simply Siyaam
Vanilla Blonde
Fash Boulevard
Mel's Corner
The Sun House
Purple Lips and Perfect Smiles
Gee Whiskers

I have so many others but these are the ones that stand out to me!

If someone is thinking about starting a blog, what advice would you give them?

Do it because it makes you happy and know that to get followers takes time and kinda hard work! I WISH my followers count can be in the 4 digits but it's harder than it looks. And be true and honest and yourself! People see straight through you faster than you can say Zoooom! But most important just enjoy it! I love blogging! And even though my followers grow slowly. I don't do it for them at the end of the day. I do it for myself.
And now I give it over to you guys!
I am tagging the following 6 ladies:

Arum Lilea//Kandy Kane Love//Simply Siyaam//Vanilla Blonde//The Sun House// Gee Whiskers 

Your 6 Questions are:

1) What has been your most memorable holiday to date?
2) If you could have any job in the world, which one would it be and why?
3) What would be the perfect way for you to spend your birthday?
4) What is your favourite food?
5) How do you feel about South Africa and would you ever move out of the country?
6) Do you follow beauty and fashion trends and why / why not?

(Stole this from Jenna) Not tagged?  
I would still love it if you linked up or answered your favorite question in the comments section below.
Be sure to send me the link to your post if you decide to do a post of your own!

Cannot wait to read your posts ladies!!! 
And I will update you on our freezing weekend break tomorrow! :)


  1. Thank you so much! Will work on this post as soon as things settle down :)

  2. Beautiful Post! Thanks for's always lovely to get to know the bloggers out there:) Mwah xxxx

  3. So glad you linked up! And I happen to know that the first item on your bucket list will be ticked off sooner rather than later... I have inside information ;)

    ps I did have a great weekend! We've been to sun city, but never gone into the reserve - we'll definitely be going back again :)

    1. Fingers crossed that the first on my bucket list does happen sooner than later! :)
      I've never been to Sun City!
      Glad you guys had a great time!

  4. Such a great post to get to know you a little better!!! I love how travel obsessed you are. Thanks for the love!!! Hope you had a great weekend.

    Arum Lilea

    1. Thanks Leanne! :)
      Yes I LOVE travelling!!!

  5. Lovely post! So flattered that you like my blog :)

    Mel's Corner

  6. Eeep! Botswana is defnitief ook op my lys - ek spot met Flip dat ons nie eers kan dink aan kinders he voordat ek en hy nie al die buurlande van SA gesien het nie. Sover was ons nog net in Mosambiek - one down, nog 'n hele paar om te gaan ;)

    1. Ons wil baie graag volgende jaar Botswana doen.
      Maar ek hoor dis redelik gevaarlik om te gaan as mens net 2 is. So ons wil probeer n groep toer doen. :)

  7. ooooh, so Bots may be happening soon? ooooh!! So jealous!
    We are dying to go to Bots but MrB only gets December as a holiday and that's not a great time to go.

    1. I hope so. We want to go next year.
      All depends how safe it is and our budget. :)


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