Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Brainy Fashionista....Siyaam Ally

Hello Journeyers!
We have reached the halfway mark of the week and I can say with all honesty I am happy! When your week starts with a blue Monday you just want it to end. :)
But at least for this months Interview I have the beautiful Siyaam from Simply Siyaam on the blog with me! I love reading her blog, she's a lady that juggles a full time job (this pretty lady is a lawyer), fashion blog, boyfriend and family! I'm struggling just to juggle my work and boyfriend, never mind blog too! haha
I love her sense of style and when I look at her I get this feeling of a Greek Goddess dying to break out! Her beauty radiates in her photos! And she's super friendly and sweet! I am very excited to meet her when she comes up to Joburg in October! But lets get this show on the road!

JS: So Siyaam, tell us a bit more about the woman behind the face of Simply Siyaam?
SS: I am first and foremost a family person. I love spending time with my parents, my sisters and my nephew and have made this a priority as I've gotten older. Away from the blog, I’m actually a bit of an introvert. I enjoy spending time on my own, watching series and reading.

JS: I would have never guessed an introvert! You have a successful career and you are a full time fashion blogger, where do you get all the time for this?
SS: I've always been a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to time management and diarising and I suppose my profession also requires it so it’s become quite second nature to me. I also love blogging so it never feels like a chore when I’m doing it! At this point in my life, I’m not married and I don’t have any children so my time is all my own.

JS: I need to come to you for some lessons! How would you describe your fashion sense/style?
SS: Despite indulging in trends now and again, I’d say my style is always ladylike and feminine. Whether I’m wearing casual jeans or an evening dress, I always try to keep it elegant and classy.

JS: I love your style, but you always look like a million bucks, what's your top beauty secret?
SS: Thank you! A lot of my skincare tips come from my Dad who is 75 years old and doesn’t look
it at all!
a) Whatever you apply to your face, apply it to your neck and chest as well! You don’t want
your skin to look different in those areas.
b) Eat a quarter piece of cucumber without the peel daily or every second day. It is excellent
at ‘cooling’ down the body and the difference will show in your skin.
c) I personally don’t find that big a difference in results between expensively priced skincare
products and those that are more reasonable. Just use what works for you. I’ve been
using Ponds for years which is affordable and works well with my skin.

JS: WOW, I must try that cucumber trick. :) You also just added "Personal Shopper" to your resume. WOW! How pleased was your first client and what made you decided to start this?
SS: I had been approached by quite a few women about assisting them with shopping when I first started my Blog last year. At that stage, I didn't feel I had the experience or confidence to take  that on. After blogging for a year and a half, I feel I now have a much better of what personal style is about as my own style has personally developed as well. I've now started a service of assisting clients with shopping, organising wardrobes or just general style consultations as well. My first experience as a personal shopper went very well and I think it’s definitely something I’m interested in continuing to do.

JS: Well whenever I go to Cape Town again I must just hire you for a day. Where do you see yourself, career and blogging wise, in 5 years time?
SS: Everything about this last year has just been completely unexpected and unplanned. I never anticipated that the Blog would become as successful as it has and this has forced me to review of a lot my plans for the future. I can’t really say at this point what the future holds but I am hoping to do a lot less law and a lot more fashion ;)

JS: I know the answer, but to everyone else who will be reading this, (especially the guys). Tell us, is Siyaam off the market or do the men out there still have a chance? Hehe
SS: Completely off the market ;)

JS: Sorry boys! What is the best advice that you have ever received in your life so far?
SS: The best advise I've ever received is not to give up what you want the most for what you want now. It’s difficult and requires inner discipline (something I’m still cultivating!) but if you have put the bigger picture before your immediate wants, you are more likely to succeed in life.

JS: What has been your best holiday memory to date?
SS: So many! But snorkelling in the beautiful clear waters of Similan Islands in Thailand certainly
stands out for 2013.

JS: That's still on my bucket list! Please share your 5 happiest moments in pictures with us.

WOW how great is she? So if you want to see more of her please go visit her blog, follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

I hope you guys enjoyed this months Journey Interview! Please leave your comments and suggestions below and I will reply to each and every one of them! Promise!
Be safe!


  1. I've met with her twice and quite by chance. She is as radiant as she appears in her photoraphs! Her character truly compliments her beautiful appearance. A lady in the full sense of the word.

    1. I cannot wait to meet her! :)
      Thank you for reading the post!

    2. Thank you wow!! What a lovely message :)


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