Monday, 24 June 2013

I bow my head in shame!

I know I know I have been extremely quiet the last 2 weeks!
It was just crazy and I have very quickly come to realise that blogging is a almost 24/7 job! But I enjoy it and that's the most important!
I hope all of you have been doing great! :)
I have so much that I still want to share with you guys, so I better get my act together and do it! No more lazy days for meeee!
So yes, as all of you know LAST weekend was a LONG weekend for us! Yay!
I am very sad that I wasn't able to spend the Sunday which was Fathers day with my daddy. But he was in my thoughts the whole day. And from the sounds of it I was in his too! Yay! :)
Back to business.
We hit the road the Friday after work on route to Umhlanga, Durban! I can actually count on 1 hand how many times I've been there so yes you can say that I was rather excited! Plus Durban is one of those places that don't have winters. So I was happy to escape the freezing cold Joburg.
Golly miss molly! Talk about bad timing. Firstly, you must know it's long weekend, which means all us Gauteng peeps sees that as a opportunity to escape the hussle and busslte of the city, and Secondly, it was the Top Gear Festival in Durban. Put those 2 things together and you get a DISASTER on the road!
We eyed the traffic and about 100km out of Harrismith we decided to do the adult thing and find a place to stay over. Cedric was very excited as he's been wanting to stay in Harrismith since 2011!
The Hotel we found to stay in.
The room. For a 3* Hotel, it was extremely neat and clean. 
Our night caps before we head to bed.
Harrismith is freezing, I thought Joburg was cold. Hell no! Mistaken lady I was!
Cute wagon at the one place we stopped at.
Then we hit the road, and as the temperature started climbing from 3 to 7 to 12 degrees I could smell the fresh see breeze hitting us! Lovely! A sunny 20 degrees and we are officially on our mini long weekend holiday!
Now the relaxing can begin. We spent most of the time eating out (no wonder I picked up like 5kg's) and dodging the wind!
Beach time. Soaking up the sun!
Photoshoot time haha!
What's a holiday without some Wakaberry?
I missed you guys and cannot wait to catch up with my blogging!
But overall it was a fun weekend.
I have a yummy post about a Mauritian Restaurant we tried on our last night!
So stay tuned! :)

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  1. lovely! i love the sun so much and sometimes wish winter would never come back! and yes to blogging, it does take up lots of time and life seems to get so busy sometimes. im pretty bad at that too!

    1. Thank you Nieszka!
      I wish summer can be all year round! :)
      Sometimes I wish I was a bit more organised when it comes to my life! haha

  2. Very sensible indeed staying over.
    I have only ever been to Umhlanga for business. I really should go for a weekend and just enjoy!
    Can't wait for the Mauritian restaurant post.

    1. Oooh I never really like Durban, but I must say, I love Umhlanga.
      Would move there in a heartbeat. That's if I couldn't move to the bush or to Cape Town. So it's my 3rd choice for South Africa. haha
      The Mauritian Restaurant post is up! :)


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