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The best FASHION photographer in SA...Kevin Mark Pass!

Hello Journeyers,

Today I have a biggie in store for you all! As all of you know I've started this monthly interview thing where I try and get into the minds of people who's busy making a name for themselves in the world.
And this person has done it over and over. You constantly see his work on SA celebs Facebook pages, Tweets or Insta-pics.
I honestly love his work. The way he manages to capture and bring out the beauty in already beautiful people  is mind blowing.
South African born, Kevin Mark Pass, who spent most of his young adult life travelling is one to watch. He traveled 6 continents before the age of 21. Halfway through his travels he realised that he couldn't remember any of the places he's been too and then bought a camera. And the rest you can say is history....

"Self portrait of Kevin. Documenting the passing of time."
JS: Thank you very much for giving me a moment out of you busy schedule.
KMP: No problem, you're welcome.

JS: Your passion for photography started at a rather young age, if you think back, did you ever think you will be where you are today?
KMP: It didn't start at a too young age, especially the Fashion part of Photography happened unplanned. I never planned to be a Photographer, never planned to be a Fashion Photographer, never planned to be a professional Full time Photographer, it all just sort of happened. So by the time I got to where I am now, it's been such a whirlwind thing that I didn't really have time to think about or plan it. It all just happened. It's taken about 10 years to get to here but as I said, it wasn't planned and I was more like "WOW! HOW DID IT HAPPEN?" apposed to I've finally achieved my dream.
JS: In fact it was more like you "fell" into Photography then?
KMP: That's right, I've never studied Photography, read books on Photography, gone for courses or worked with other photographers. It's very much a natural, organic thing that happened. I used to take pictures at friends weddings and would then give them the black and white roll of film in the little plastic container as a wedding gift, because I didn't really have money for wedding presents. And then people started paying me to do weddings and a decade later I'm a Fashion Photographer.

JS: Would you say your independence and travelling played a big part in your passion and the way you appreciate and see life?
KMP: Absolutely. I don't believe I saw anybody until I started travelling, and I mean that in a philosophical sense. I don't believe until I traveled and went through some really dark periods of time by myself. It took a lot of soul searching and many years of pining to come back to South Africa, many years of being alone and I think about 30-40 International flights within a 3-4 year period all by myself. And that's when I started to appreciate how beautiful people are, how incredible people are. My love is not for
Photography, it can never be documented that way. My love is for people. Photography is just the way I
appreciate and document people.

JS: Your love for people comes through in your photos. Do you believe in the expression “A picture is worth a 1000 words?”
KMP: Yes, but I've never thought about this question. It’s a different 1000 words for every person that
looks at the picture. People don’t realize that so much of what we perceive in a photographer is what we see
on the photo. Each person that looks at a  photo will have a different reaction to it. People don’t always
understand how subjective photos are. Its really about who's looking at the photo. Like there's another
saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Like some people will say I'm a great photographer and others will say I'm a horrible photographer, and they are both equally correct. It’s a personal feeling.

JS: What goals are you working towards within photography and when will you know when you have achieved it?
KMP: Ahhh I will never reach my goals in photography. (you hear the small excited and happy voice in the background, his son came running to him as he saw him stop at the house) I have massive goals in photography and things I want to shoot for and images I want to take, celebrities I want to get in my book. But its never ending, its not really something I can achieve. Maybe one day when I'm 70 I will realize I did achieve it but nothing I can set down on black and white for you now.

JS: What would you say is your most prized possession?
KMP: My family. Possessions mean nothing. Physical things mean nothing. People mean something.

JS: That’s great, you can see your love for your son (now sons) and wife is amazing. What in your eyes makes a good photographer?
KMP: Someone who understands and loves life and someone who loves and understands whatever they
photograph. If you photograph babies you need to love and understand life and babies, same for wildlife
photography and ect ect. The technical ability of a camera is a distant third compared to those 2 things.

JS: What is your proudest achievement to date as a Photographer and in life?
KMP: I don’t know about photography as I look forward and not backwards, I don’t really pat myself on
the back too often. And in life. Being married and being a farther.

JS: You have worked with some impressive names in South Africa. How does that make you feel? (And this was my favorite answer)
KMP: It makes me feel honored that they trusted me but they are just people so I'm honored that they
trusted me in taking their photos. For celebrities what are captured of them can make or break their
careers. The fact that they have trusted me makes me feel very grateful but they are just people. So the
amount of pressure on them to choose a photographer is far higher when they are well known so I take that as a big compliment.

JS: That is enough business questions I think. I want to know your most memorable holiday memory?
KMP: First thing that pops into my brain is Spain with my then fiance now wife. We actually got engaged on
that holiday in Spain. And I can mention a bunch of other holidays but that’s the one that stands out the

And that sums up the talented Mr. Kevin Mark Pass.
My prayers go out to you and your family for the loss of your baby boy.

Thank you again Kevin for giving me your time. You are a kind hearted, humble person and it was great getting to know you a bit better!
Till next time!

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