Monday, 18 June 2012

Weekend Shenanigans

Lets see what we were up to the past weekend!
Friday I was really in a party mood and wanted to go to Buddha Ta, but Cedric said it was too cold to go out. (I had to agree with him)
So we opted for a night in instead. We ordered pizza, drank wine, started the fireplace and watched the US Golf Open.

Saturday we met some friends for the rugby at Dros in Bellairs.
What a night, most of the friends don't even remember us leaving, I think that says a lot.

And yesterday it was our 23 Month Anniversary, only ONE month from the big 2! :)
Cedric sent me for a nice Mani and Pedi at The Fairway Hotel & Spa. I love that place!
The colour I chose is called "I'm not really a waitress" - love it!

And we ended our weekend on a high note, hot chocolate, fireplace and the US Open! :) Bliss!
By the way, the winner of the US Open was Webb Simpson - congratulations!

Please go visit the website for The Fairway Hotel & Spa -

"The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do" - Walter Bagehot

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