Wednesday, 27 June 2012

{Food} The Silver Birch Restaurant - Randpark Ridge

Saturday (23 June 2012) I finally met one of my long time Facebook friends for breakfast!
We have been talking on Facebook for almost 4years now I think and we never had time to get together!
Sounds terrible!
Anyway she told me about the place that her one friend is always going on about so we decided to give it a try.
What a nice place! It is located in the Lifestyle Garden Centre and I fell in love with the place, especially after they told me they have a variety of different flavored hot chocolates! I immediately took the Bar One flavour! Yum!
While deciding what to have for breakfast from the wide variety of foods the manager came up to Louise and started talking to her as if they were old friends.
Well in the end she did not know him and he made up our minds for us on what to eat!
Both of us decided to go for the Berry specials.
She had the Spring Berries on Bruschetta (Pic 1) and I had the Flapjacks with Mixed Berries (Pic 2).

If I wasn't so full I would have finished it all. It was extremely good!

This is my friend Louise and I -

And then lucky me, I was feeling a bit ill the friday already and when I got home the saturday after our breakfast I was man down. I spent the day sleeping, literally.
The Sunday we went for lunch at Thatchers. My sister her boyfriend and Landan joined us later that day and we finished our weekend with a braai and baking cake!

And it is Wednesday now and I am finally back at work after being booked off sick Monday and Tuesday.

Please go visit their website - (this is the best I could do as the original website is under construction)
and we love going here for a relaxed lunch and to watch whatever sport is on.

"If you have no ambition, your potential is worthless"


  1. Hi Girls

    I was just browsing google, doing a little research on the Silver Birch - what can i do to spice things up at the store as well as online & see if anyone has said anything nice, using hello peter or Face Book ect ect.

    What do i find, someone has written about the Birch.

    Just want to say i remember both you ladies - sat on the raised area. I'm soooo pleased you girls enjoyed the food and the pics look awesome.

    Thank-you for the nice words - we hope to have you around sometime soon.


    Matthew G. Preece
    General Manager
    Silver Birch Restaurant - Lifestyle

    1. Hi Matthew,

      I am glad my blog regarding Silver Birch got your attention!
      The place is stunning and I cannot wait to take Cedric there one day for a yummy lunch!

      Keep up the great work!



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