Monday, 11 June 2012

{Food} Dukes Burgers - Greenside

Friday night (8 June 2012) we went for dinner with friends that got engaged recently!
After struggling to decide where to go, Katie recommended this amazing burger place.
And seeing as I am a huge burger fan we decided to go there...WOW!

I have never seen such a big variety of burgers, and they are massive.
Cedric and myself like having our burger nights at home where we also try and see how big we can stack the burger, and Dukes won!

It's just humanly impossible to eat it with your hands, and those who want to try be my guest, just make sure to send me a pic of that! haha

I had "The Big Cheese" (Pic 1) and Cedric had "The New Yorker" (Pic 2).

The place itself was great, very busy but that made it fun. This time we sat inside because it was freezing, but next time we will sit outside. Cedric had a look outside and he preferred outside.
We had so much fun and I haven't laughed that much in so long! My head actually started hurting!

So thank you to Katie and Gordon for a fun evening out and Congratulations again on your engagement!

Please go visit Dukes Burgers website -

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  1. ooh fun! congrats to your friend! the food looks yummy :) and thanks too!


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