Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Picnic in Pilanesberg

Hello Journeyers,
You read about our mini weekend break in Pilanesberg HERE, and as all of you know, Pilanesberg Game Reserve is open to the public. Seeing as check in was only at 2pm we decided to hit the road early and stop in PGR for a nice picnic.

We were through the gates at about 11:30 and found our target picnic spot on the map. We arrived at our spot around 12:30.

We had our picnic at Mankwe Dam 
We went to Fish Eagle Picnic spot, which was extremely busy (joys of a public park) BUT luck was on our side and we found a nice little private spot. We unpacked our lunch and just soaked in the sun, view and sounds of the bush.

This is a very easy and affordable day outing if you want to experience nature and get a chance to see some of the Big 5.

Pilanesberg is only about 2 hours drive from Johannesburg so easy and close enough to do as a day trip and it is the fourth largest park in South Africa.

"Pilanesberg is a melting pot of topographies--which include syenite koppies, forested ravines, bush veld and rolling grasslands and lightly wooded areas--all contained in the crater of an extinct volcano that covers 55,000 hectares."

You can find them HERE:

Have you ever been to Pilanesberg Game Reserve? What game did you see?

Disclaimer: All expenses were paid for by us for our trip to Pilanesberg National Park. As always all comments and opinions are my own. All of the content and images posted are my own unless otherwise specified / linked to the original source. Please feel free to share photographs and material from this site but please link back to the original image or post. 

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