Monday, 9 June 2014

Paint Nite South Africa

Hello Journeyers!
A few weeks ago while scrolling through Instagram I saw one of the Joburg bloggers posted a picture of her painting with a group of people. That immediately caught my attention as her painting looked very professional. I was on the Internet not long after trying to find what this Paint Nite is all about.

If you like a fun night out with friends that include some wine then this is the event for you. It's the latest fun being had at all the great bars in USA, London, Sydney and now in JOHANNESBURG!
They call it....

"Drink. Paint. Connect. This is a smidgen of creative art instruction, a splash of wine and a whole lot of fun. Our professional artist will guide you, step-by-step, from a blank canvas to a final unique masterpiece in about two hours, all the while sipping on a cocktail or two."

I was hooked and just had to join in the fun. I called up 2 of my close friends and managed to convince them (didn't take much convincing) to join Claudine and myself. In total we were 7 ladies ready to take our creative minds and hands to the next level. Our tickets were booked and we were counting down the days! The tickets are a bit pricey but take a look on Group On as they have some really nice deals and also follow their Facebook page that also has some nice specials!

We got together at Hogshead, placed our drinks orders and put on our flashy aprons. I was ready to do this. I was also very nervous. This is where the perfectionist part of me comes through. I wanted mine to look like the artist's painting. We were welcomed by the very friendly and funny Gina. She's a English (as a 2nd language) lecturer at Wits and she has her Masters Degree in Arts. That's rather impressive!

As I watched her paint, I thought to myself; "I cannot do that" but with her uplifting motivational words we picked up our brushes and just went for it. We did it. I did it. The more I painted the more impressed I was. OMG! I can actually paint! I was ready to jump out of my seat and shout it to the world. " I CAN PAINT " But I restrained myself. You know, I had to act all professional, like I've done this before. NOT! 

I got so consumed while painting that I actually forgot about my glass of wine and by then of the night I still had half a glass. Shocking I know! After that night it's safe to say that I'm hooked. Now to just beg people to join me AND beg people to also pay for me. haha

My happy end result

I loved how my painting came out and cannot wait to invite friends over just so that I can tell them. "Oh that..., yes I painted it. Just something I threw together one night" Kidding. I will brag much more!

Who's joining me for the next one? 
Thank you to Paint Nite SA, Gina, Tammy and Salli for a great evening! So bummed I can't be there tonight! *sob*

***Great news - Valid until 28 July 2014 if  you use the code journey50 you get 50% your ticket! Hurryyyy!!!!! It's a night filled with fun!***

You can find them HERE:

Note - Paint Nite does not support Creative Drinking and Driving and therefore use SnappCab.

Disclaimer: We received a 50% off voucher from Paint Nite SA. All of the content and images posted are my own unless otherwise specified / linked to the original source. Please feel free to share photographs and material from this site but please link back to the original image or post. As always all comments and opinions are my own.


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