Friday, 30 May 2014

Spice Goddess - MSC Opera Cruise

Hello Journeyers,
Today the beautiful Verushka from Spice Goddess is taking my over my blog a bit and sharing her fun cruise ship holiday with us! I met social media'd Verushka last year and loved her open and warm personality. I immediately knew that her and I will get along very well. When Irina told me that she will be in Joburg AND that her visit falls over our little blogger get together lunch I had to have her there! And that's when we officially met! I was right. She's as beautiful and warm in person as on social media....


I think I was born with the blood of a gypsy traveler. As a young child my parents traveled with us through South Africa. My brother and I were given interesting experiences of culture, history and food. Since returning to South Africa in 2010, I have been exploring my country as a tourist.

Having never been on a boat cruise, my cousin and I decided to tick this of our Travel List. We decided on going to the Portuguese Islands on the MSC Opera Cruise Ship. What I loved was that we could pay a deposit and the balance before we traveled thus making it rather affordable. Being the social media addict I am I found a Mystery Cabin deal which meant a great price but we didn't know our cabin. But the God's of Cruise's was kind and we ended up with a Cabin with a window above sea level.

The Cruise cost us each R3500 which included all our meals. It was a 4 day cruise to the Portuguese Islands. We had to pay for our drinks, ice creams and trips off the ship. Entertainment on board was great and each night there was a Theatre Productio, a nightclub, a pool party and activities all day. Every night we got a "menu" of activities for the next day including the Cocktail of the day which included non alcoholic versions as well. 

The staff were from around the world and on their name badges they had a flag from their country on there. The first few hours on board I felt like I was drunk and what made it worse was I was walking around armed with a map so I would not get lost on the ship. But after having a bite to eat in the 24 hour eatery on the Top Deck and a cocktail I felt much better. The food was yummy and such a variety of cuisines. Friendly staff were always on hand to help and sometimes guide us back to our rooms. The ship is a no cash zone as you have to convert your Randelas into dollars and then put that onto a swipecard to pay.

We did keep some cash dollars for when we went to the island. We put 300 Dollars onto our cards for both which was enough for our time at sea. After my first cruise experience I knew i wanted to go cruising again and on longer trips. Cruises with MSC are during the summer months only with destination to Madagascar, Mauritius, Portuguese Islands and Cape Town. On my Travel To Do List I have added Madagascar....
Happy Sailing!

You can find her HERE:

I have been telling Cedric I want to go on a Cruise and I think she just convinced me with this Guest Post! Thank you so much Verushka and I cannot wait to see you again! Hopefully sooner than later! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Dearest J was such a pleasure to meet you in person.Thank you for allowing me to share my travel journey with you.Can't wait to see you again.Have an amazing weekend lots of love always xxx


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