Thursday, 29 May 2014


Hello Journeyers!
The weekend is upon is and I am very excited! I have been slacking this week with my Pilates. And I miss it already! I see I haven't done a Insta-Monthly Post since Feb! *gasp* So this will be a biggy. I will catch you up with a few things that's been happening since then!

Cedric and I went to review The Marion on Nicol Boutique Hotel - we were treated like Kings
My father left us with beautiful weather in Mossel Bay
The saddest and most beautiful funeral service 
Family is all you need sometimes to get you through something rough
My dads watch that I took and I wear it every day

After all the madness and sadness we escaped to the bush for a little camping
Flowers to brighten up the day
This man has been my rock through everything
We had a nice dinner at home with friends
Lunch with friends at Gilroy's

Easter egg hunting with this little man
Dinner with (blogger) friends
New sneakers to get me fit and happy (not there yet)
Ahhh family time 
Cheers to you daddy

Chick Flick night with these ladies - FUN
I love my phone cover from Printstagram
Dinner with this gorgeous lady
Autumn colours
Lunch with blogger friends

I did my deed and voted
After standing in the cold for a while I took Cedric for a yummy breakfast
This must be why I love Pilates
I spend mothers day with my "other" mother
It was so good the first time I had to take Cedric back and share the goodness of La Vie en Rose

Cedric owns a Country Road jacket now - I don't even have anything Country Road
If this is how we are spending winter then bring it on
After an intense Pilates workshop I stopped for some lunch
We fueled up before going on a house hunting spree
This is how I spoil the office

And that sums up what's been going on in my life! Tonight Cedric's parents are arriving in SA and we will be meeting them for dinner. I cannot wait to see them! Stay tuned for tomorrows Guest Travel Blogger Post!

Stay safe and.....


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. But welcome back to blogging.


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