Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Hello Journeyers!
I know I have been horrible when it comes to blogging lately! BUT I promise I will try my best to start entertaining you guys again! I have just been swamped with life at the moment. I started a Pilates Course and am trying very hard to build my hours so that has been taking up my spare time! But I am loving the Pilates! To me it relaxes me on a whole different level. It's something that I find difficult to explain to people! So yes one of these days you can push my buttons to come and get your behinds back in shape!

In between my classes and Cedric's classes we have just not had any time for ourselves and our weekends are lately filled with everything except free time for ourselves. And my body is SCREAMING that it needs a weekend breakaway! We are working on it, don't worry!

For now I want to let all of you know that you can now ADVERTISE on my blog!!!! Happy danceeee! Yippeeeee! Yayyyyyy! Whoop whoop! Wooohooooo! I can go on like this all day! So if you are interested drop me a mail and we can work something out!

I have been missing my blogging and especially my blogger friends! Thanks for the catch up the other day ladies! It was fun!

Have a blessed day and good luck with the 5 day week!


  1. It was SO good to see you again. We had some good laughs in the car park! Good luck with all the classes! X

    1. You too! Yes it was fun! We must do it again! Thank you! :) xxx


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