Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Physicians Formula #JHBbloggermeetup

Happy hump day Journeyers!
I know I have been TERRIBLE when it comes to blogging lately, and I do sincerely apologise as it is 100% my own fault. Why you may wonder? Well because I am already in holiday mode. Even though my holiday only starts in 9 days. But who's counting??? hehe

I must be honest with you guys, I have never heard of this product before. Physicians Formula. Interesting name... I was definitely very curious when their products showed up as one of the sponsors for the #JHBbloggermeetup. And when I saw the packaging I became even more curious about the product. The product itself is beautiful, what woman won't fall for a bronzer called Happy Booster that is covered in hearts? And a needle free lip plumping cocktail called Plump Potion.
Let's just say after seeing their contribution that I was hooked.
I just could not get it over my heart to open the goodies. But it had to be done. And with a heavy heart I opened it.....and tried it.....and loved it!

About Physicians Formula:

Pro's: Happy Booster - The name says it all. I get a boost of happiness when just looking at it. Those hearts just make me fall in love with the product all over again. I have no idea how to use a bronzer (I know how bad am I) so I have been using it as a blusher and I love it! It really gives me a glow to my cheeks. Happy cheeks = happy Johlet! 

Pro's: Plump Potion - I love that tingly feeling you get when applying the product. It also has a great little brush that makes the product easy to apply. Although make sure you rub some of the product off on the side as it does pick up a lot of product. The feel of the container feels expensive. Almost like a glass syringe. It made my lips a rosy colour and also lasts for quite a while. Mine gives me the glossy look for at least 3 hours. Fuller, happier lips indeed. 

Con's: Happy Booster - Nothing whatsoever. This product is too pretty to hate.

Con's: Plump Potion - I don't like the smell, I can't put my finger on the smell but I just don't like it. It has a very sticky formulation which I also don't like.

My Happy Booster bronzer used here as a blush.
Wearing the Plump Potion.
My takes on it: Rating out of 5. 5 Being great and 1 being poor.

Price - Happy Booster R175 // Plump Postion R139 (Exclusive to Dischem stores)

Quality - 4
Effectiveness - 4
Overall - 4

You can find and follow them here:

Thank you very much to Physicians Formula for the amazing sponsor! 
I cannot wait to keep on Boosting my Happiness and Plumping my lips!
Have a happy Wednesday everyone!
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  1. I love both, you look great and beautiful!!!!! Alet

  2. Die lipgloss is bietjie sticky, maar dit pla my nie regtig nie. En ek is mal oor die reuk! Converted!

    1. Die sticky irriteer my. Maar ek hou van die rosy glow wat my lippe van dit kry! :) So dan kan ek verby die sticky kyk!
      Nee man!!! Soos wat ruik dit???
      Ek kan dit nie plaas nie! En dit maak my mal!

  3. That's such a pretty bronzer. I think I'm one of the few people who actually like sticky lip gloss :)

    1. I wish I knew how to use bronzer! hehe
      You will love this then because it is sticky!

  4. I am crazy about this brand just wish they would change the look of their packaging. You are stunning btw.

    xoxo One Stiletto At a Time fashion and beauty blog

    1. I must say I'm starting to really fall in love with this brand!
      Have to go and get more of their items! :)
      Ahhh *blush* look who's talking! But thank you!

  5. Replies
    1. First time that I'm using it and I love it!

  6. Great post, dear:)
    Very beautiful blog!!!
    If you want, we can follow each other. Kisses


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