Thursday, 29 November 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

It's halfway through the week Journeyers!!!!
Which means its time to start planning the next weekends "what to do's".
Let me first tell you about what we did the past weekend. {I also included some photo's of my mother's birthday}

I had some Mother daughter nephew bonding time and I loved it!
Cedric was at a bachelors and so the mother and daughters used it to spend some quality time together.
We spent the day shopping and watching DVD's {perfect way to spend a saturday}. I also like always LOVE spending time with little Landan. He is getting cuter by the day and it feels to me like he grew so much in only a few short days. I swear every time I see him he's more intelligent and bigger. But also so much more adorable!

The Sunday I went with my mother to go do the Bachelorette shopping for this Saturday, I am not going to post any pics of what I bought as my sister is extremely nosy with regards to what I am planning! "Nuuskierige agie brand sy magie"! A little saying we have for curious people in Afrikaans. But I will fill you in next week on how much fun we had / are going to have at the Bachelorette!
So stay tuned!

"Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely" - Auguste Rodin


  1. Enjoy the bachelorettes - I'm sure it will be an absolute blast :)



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