Thursday, 16 October 2014

Meiringspoort 21km Halfmarathon and 10km

Hello Journeyers,
Last year this time I was complaining with my dad how sad I was that I missed the family get together at Meiringspoort to do the Half Marathon & 10km. He told me that this year it would be my birthday gift from him and that we will go run it together. Obviously things didn't work out as planned...

When my aunt told me in April that the entries are open for the 2014 run I was first to say “Count me in”, and so it turned into a big family get together in memory of my dad.

It is one of the most beautiful runs you will ever do! Trust me! My dad has been doing it for the last 10 years I think and he always went on and on about how beautiful it is. He wasn't wrong.

We left De Oude Meul at 4:30am to catch the busses to take us to the starting point. It was chilly! We got onto the truck and about 15min later we were dropped off at the starting point where coffee and rusks were waiting for us to defrost our frozen hands and tummies.
I had all sorts of emotions going through me, mostly sad, and when my uncle pulled us together in a circle to pray I just cracked, and I’m sure it’s thanks to all those emotions that I managed to finish my 10km run in time to get my medal!
There’s a cut off. To qualify for a medal you have to finish within 2 hours and the 21km must finish within 3 hours.

The crazier part of the family did the 21km run. They finished and half of them didn't train. I have a naturally fit family it seems. My dad was exactly the same!
The best part is that we all finished with time to spare AND we honored my daddy, that was our main reason! You can see this town is typical Afrikaans. After the run there's food stalls everywhere so while you stuff your face with pancakes, jaffles and roosterkoek you can sit back and relax while cooling down with a beer while listening to some live music!
My aunt had T-shirts printed for all of us.

We did it all for you daddy!

Now we started a little tradition I think and I cannot wait to go and beat my time next year!
Have you ever done the Meiringspoort run?
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  1. this is amazing! so proud of you for finishing in a good time. What a wonderful way to honour a special man! Keep it up!!

  2. Wow! Baie geluk met jou medalje. Trots op jou ;)


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