Monday, 7 January 2013

2012 Recap....

What a year it was!
Filled with love, tears, happiness and trying to see as much as possible.
A little recap of my favorite happenings in the year of 2012....


We spent the first day of the New Year on the beach with perfect weather, views and people. 


Cedric's brother stayed with us during this month while he did an internship. What fun we had. We went away for a nice safari weekend. Went to the Rhino and Lion Park, and ate...a lot!

This month we went experienced the no electricity, live in a tented camp. And it was so much fun! A bit scary as you cannot see anything at night. But you start to feel with your ears.

Here we were a bit broke after the above trip so we opted for a cheaper bush breakaway. And went for a little round of golf.

I was extremely excited when Cedric's parents invited us to go with them to Sabi Sands, wow my very first safari! No fencing just you with the wild. I did my first 10km walk. (too unfit to run it) And another bush breakaway with my parents. What a month.

This month we celebrated the wonderful fathers in our life, and I finally met an amazing social media friend and we enjoyed some good breakfast. I'm a sucker for good food!

More family time and all of you know this month was probably my best month of 2012. I went to one of my dream destinations for holiday. This was an magical time that I will never forget. Thank you Boo for making it possible.


Highlight of this month has to be the snow we came home to. Well not a lot of snow, a few snowflakes but still snow! So awesome.

Spring has sprung, and we made sure we celebrated it properly! :) Friends, family and food, Mossel Bay, watching my cousin race. What more can I ask for?


It's my birthday month! Need I say more? And this month I set up a "10 Things to do before I turn 25" list, and out of the 10 I have done 3. I still have 9months left seeing as we are already almost halfway through January 2013. This month we did one thing that's on this list - food market, and hail like you have never seen before!


This month was the birthday of my amazing boo boo! He is so amazing to me and I am very lucky to have him. I bought my first Georgie - B item. And family time. Cannot ever have enough family time!


I still want to share everything about my holiday with you guys, but for now all I can say is this month was filled with love, laughter and fun. Parties, Weddings, lots of driving, family and good food. Once again... hehe.

Farewell to an amazing 2012 and here is to an even better 2013!
Where dreams come true!


  1. Such a wonderful year for you... lots of bush breakaways and a trip overseas! :) Hope 2013 is filled with just as much fun, love, and excitement!


    1. Thank you for the great idea!!!!!!!
      It's always nice to see someone's year in a nutshell.

  2. Looks like you had quite the year!!! Many wonderful memories to treasure forever! All the best for 2013

    1. Thank you Leanne!
      I think you should do a little recap!
      From the looks of your blog you have had a spectacular year!

  3. You really had a busy busy year behind you! Still so Jealous of the leopard. And really, the amount of rhinos you saw is just crazy! Cherish those moments.

    1. It was an never to forget year! :)
      And moment like this make me so happy that I started with the blog!
      Very fortunate for all the precious moments (leopard and rhinos)

  4. It seems like you had an awesome year! You did so many cool things :)
    Hope that 2013 will be even better and that you keep on blogging about all the wonderful places you visit and experiences you have!

    1. Thank you Irenita, I hope I'm living up to my expectation so far for 2013! :)


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