Thursday, 12 April 2012

{Travel} A Trip Down Memory Lane - Askari Game Lodge & Spa

As usual Cedric decided as a spur of the moment decision he wants to go away for the weekend, while we are trying our best to find a place at the last minute I started to think back at all the places we have been!
Almost exactly a year ago and on my very first Safari trip, Cedric took me to Askari Game Lodge & Spa.
It is situated in the Plumari Africa Game Reserve in the Magaliesberg, just over an hour from Johannesburg.
And what an experience, we had so many memorable moments, from getting stuck in mud to almost rolling the Game Drive Vehicle. (Reason for that was we had a lot of rain over that period last year - March / April.)
But what fun we had! Memories last forever!

"Happiness, I have discovered is nearly always a rebound from hard work." - David Grayson


  1. great pictures!

  2. great photos! looks like you're having a great time.


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