Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Planning our next mid year trip...

Hello Journeyers,

Cedric and I really try our best to go on a nice well deserved holiday every year. We started this in 2012 with our Paris holiday. That year was my turn to choose and last year we did the bush, obviously Cedric's choice. This year was a tough one and so Cedric and I opted for a combined decision. Which consisted of mostly his options. Therefore the next one is mine. He didn't like where I want to go so we changed things a bit for next year. We each choose 3-4 places and then we lucky draw the hell out of it.

We drew mine 4 times in a row, then Mariaan and Derick decided to draw for us. And what do you know, she draws mine again. I think Cedric must now just face the fact that it is meant to I'm currently busy getting quotes for....wait for it.....


I've been getting some tips and ideas from Claudine who's been there before and then obviously Google and these are only a few of the things on our bucket list:

1. Cliffs of Moher

2. Ring of Kerry

3. The Giant's Causeway

4. Blarney Stone

5. Killarney National Park

I cannot wait for the trip, that said let's hope we can afford it before I get too excited. It is going to be an amazing experience I think.

I've received one quote and it is a bit out of our budget and will need lots of commitment when it comes to saving. We are not good at saving.

If you can think of any other places that you think is affordable and fun for us give me a shout below!
Disclaimer: All the above images are thanks to Google Image and a Huffington Post article.


  1. We are going to a wedding in Cork next year, so am definitely going to be following your posts for tips!

    1. Exciting!!! So far it's way out of our budgets but maybe we win the lottery! :)

    2. It looks amazing!! Hopefully you'll go in the summer!
      I have nominated you for an award :) Check it out on my blog


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