Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Life Day Spa

Hello Journeyers!
We are halfway through the week! Yes we are getting there.
Last year for my birthday (yes you read right - LAST YEAR) my very good friend Lelande gave me a Life Day Spa Voucher and I finally decided to put it to good use. You know, before it expires or something like that. And what a treat. I booked myself a 30 min Neck, Back and Shoulder (R310) massage for 8 am. Why so early you may ask? Well it was Landan's birthday party that day too and I did not want to be in a rush.
But I must admit, 8 am was a TAD too early as I did struggle to get out of my snugly bed so early on a weekend. I love sleeping in case you did not know this about me. My favorite hobby!

I was welcomed by friendly faces at reception, which made me feel much less grumpy so early in the morning. :) After which I was taken through to my locker where my soft and comfy robe was waiting for me. Great thing about this spa is that when you are booked for a treatment you may make use of their other facilities free of charge. (sauna and swimming pool) I was unfortunately in too much of a "hurry" to enjoy those, but next time I will drag a friend or even Cedric along to take advantage of it.

The Spa is beautiful, with a big water "feature"/"fountain" in the middle of the waiting area. With the soft classical music playing in the background and the tranquil sounds of the water you immediately go into a state of unrestrained relaxation. And that's before your treatment!

My Therapist, Chantelle came to call me and prepped me for my 30min of blissfulness!
She was amazing, hitting all the right spots! As my 30min passed I was left feeling sad and wanting more. :( Like my chocolate addiction. :) This one is just much healthier. She brought me a glass of water and explained to me that I will have to drink much more water today than normal to flush out all the toxins.
The dressing area is gorgeous with a wooden bench that I fell in love with!

So thank you very much to Life Day Spa - Fourways for making me feel like a million bucks again! :)
It is safe to say that I will definitely be back sooner rather than later!
Have a wonderful and blessed day everyone!
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  1. Hi johlet, Spa's are my favourite haven and this one sounds absolutely divine and looks so luxurious, hope you came out relaxed and refreshed.

    1. It was magical to say the least Sam! :)
      Thank you

  2. Oh this looks incredible! Love me a good pamper session :) You look so comfy in your robe. xxx

    1. It was so good!!! :)
      That robe was so nice, I thought of stealing it, but then decided no. My handbag is too small! hehe


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