Tuesday, 18 August 2015

New Year in Mauritius

Hello Journeyers,

We are already slowly but surely approaching 2016 and I'm only sharing how we entered 2015 now. How pathetic!
Mauritius has obviously become one of my favourite places to visit. I don't know how but I fall in love with this beautiful island more and more after every visit.

This time around it was a very short visit, we went for New Years, and we couldn't enter 2015 in a more spectacular way!

Quality time with Cedric's family and friends.

No better way to enter a beautiful New Year!

Although 2015 is more than halfway gone, you still have more than 4 months left to make your 2015 your best year yet! Let's get going...
P.S. - All these photos were taken with our GoPro.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Skukuza Airport

Seeing as I wanted to spoil Cedric for his birthday we decided to fly to Skukuza Airport. Why? Well our trip was only 3 days and it would take us about 6 hours just to get to Kruger National Park and the tickets to Skukuza are really very reasonable!

The inside of Skukuza Airport
View of the outside waiting area
Skukuza is a rather new airport but WOW what a beautiful airport! I am a tad bit obsessed with airports, not sure if it's the fact that I love travelling, I love flying or just the fact that I just love watching different people. 

The Curio shop inside the airport
View from the boarding area
We flew with Airlink, a small 13 row airplane. (I know when I saw row 13 I almost fainted, haha, first time ever I see that on a plane) We were met at the airport by our ranger and the funny and unique part of this airport is you collect your luggage outside. Very nice!

A pretty Rhino to greet you upon arrival outside
Beautiful steel swallows hanging from the ceiling at the boarding section
It is a beautiful airport and I wouldn't mind flying there once a month! :) Always keen for a mini holiday!
I have a slight obsession with Giraffes
Have a great day everyone!

Monday, 1 June 2015

Tinga Lodge - Lion Sands Game Reserve, Kruger National Park

After River Lodge, we headed off to Tinga Lodge for our last night of magic in the bush. I honestly have nothing bad to say about any of the MORE properties. Each one of them are unique and special and every single time we go your experiences are different.
Tinga Lodge was great, with only 9 (Massive) rooms it feels more intimate and private.

The rooms are amazing and the view of the Sabie River from your terrace which has a plunge pool by the way is breathtaking. We even had some Ellies come visit us in front of the room, crossing the river, playing in the water! What a welcome committee!

What better way to take in the new scenery while sipping on a nice cold beverage, as the temperatures were boiling.

We spent our days taking in the beauty, eating (you test your body limits with eating when visiting MORE properties) some of the best tasting food and going on game drives. We had some rain on our last morning game drive, but spotted a mother leopard with 2 grown cubs. Very shy and you really had to concentrate not to miss them. But to spot that many different leopards in one trip is rare!

The evening after dinner we went back to our rooms, with a sad good bye on our bed we realised that this was the end of our trip. They even ran a nice warm bath for me with candles and rose petals. Heaven!!! I am a sucker for a good bath!

So with heavy hearts we were off, but we cannot wait for our next trip back! We are already planning a nice Kruger trip for August! 

Thank you to the Tinga team for making our stay extra special and for letting us leave with tears in our eyes. Happy tears of course! :)

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

River Lodge - Lion Sands, Sabi Sand

Hello Journeyers!

Cedric and I went for a little breakaway for his birthday a while back, and seeing that I have not blogged in ages I decided to start with this one.
If you are looking for a beautiful relaxing location and the joys of spotting some leopards then this place is for you.

River Lodge, located in the Southern Sabi Sand Game Reserve with 20 Luxury Suites is the perfect holiday/honeymoon destination.
We decided to fly to Skukuza Airport because who wants to drive 12 hours return for a 3 day trip?
You drive into the Lodge greeted by friendly staff.

We arrived at the Lodge and settled into our room, overlooking the Sabie River, before heading off for some lunch. Note to self; Starve yourself for at least a week before going to any Lodge, your body will thank you!

Our ranger, Kenneth was extremely nice and really made sure we saw everything we had on our list. We literally went under and over trees to spot that beautiful male leopard. I mean, we had 3 exceptional sightings of leopards in 2 days! A win don't you agree?

The 2 days flew by and I did way too much curio shopping. *Sorry boo boo*

We were very sad to leave, but at least we still had 1 day at Tinga Lodge to look forward to.

Thank you to the incredible staff at River Lodge for making us feel so at home and for the extra 5kg's I gained in the 2 days!!!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Planning our next mid year trip...

Hello Journeyers,

Cedric and I really try our best to go on a nice well deserved holiday every year. We started this in 2012 with our Paris holiday. That year was my turn to choose and last year we did the bush, obviously Cedric's choice. This year was a tough one and so Cedric and I opted for a combined decision. Which consisted of mostly his options. Therefore the next one is mine. He didn't like where I want to go so we changed things a bit for next year. We each choose 3-4 places and then we lucky draw the hell out of it.

We drew mine 4 times in a row, then Mariaan and Derick decided to draw for us. And what do you know, she draws mine again. I think Cedric must now just face the fact that it is meant to be...so I'm currently busy getting quotes for....wait for it.....


I've been getting some tips and ideas from Claudine who's been there before and then obviously Google and these are only a few of the things on our bucket list:

1. Cliffs of Moher

2. Ring of Kerry

3. The Giant's Causeway

4. Blarney Stone

5. Killarney National Park

I cannot wait for the trip, that said let's hope we can afford it before I get too excited. It is going to be an amazing experience I think.

I've received one quote and it is a bit out of our budget and will need lots of commitment when it comes to saving. We are not good at saving.

If you can think of any other places that you think is affordable and fun for us give me a shout below!
Disclaimer: All the above images are thanks to Google Image and a Huffington Post article.